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The ASX-110FR Flowing Rinse Micro Autosampler provides the next generation solution for low volume and UltraTrace™ applications. It is specifically designed for use with ICP-MS and High Resolution ICP-MS systems.

Dual Flowing Rinse:The ASX-110FR introduces dual continuous flow rinse stations, which can operate in gas displacement or peristaltic pump mode to minimize sample contamination and carryover.

Contamination and Corrosion Resistant: All sample vials, racks, and trays are metal-free and made of acid resistant, high-purity polymer materials. In addition, the ASX-110FR has an integrated enclosure hood to minimize sample contamination. Samples may be accessed while the unit is in operation through a hinged door or by removing the entire hood.

Flexible Rack Options: The ASX-110FR Micro Autosampler is designed for use with sample volumes as low as 500 microliters up to 15mL.

  • Multi-mode, dual flowing rinse
  • All wetted parts made from inert materials
  • PFA sample path for UltraTrace™ applications
  • Integrated enclosure hood
  • Flexible sample rack options
  • Compact design
  • Small sample path conserves valuable sample
  • Compatible with many ICP and ICPMS
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